Race Timing System

Race Timing System

Providing timing for your race is considered a must for serious events, and is part of the reason runners, cyclists or the racers of another sport events will justify your entry fee, so that they can get an official race result time.

Chip timing is able to precisely measure your race results by registering your race chip as you run across RFID timing sensor located throughout the race course. Your individual clock starts as soon as you pass over the sensor located at the starting line, and likewise ends as you cross the sensor at the finish line. Larger races will have mats at checkpoints throughout the race giving organizers the ability to measure split times.

So, we’re going to try our best to summarize for you the pros and cons of the available options so that you can make an informed decision for your event.

We will complete your competition event by covering this timing system. So, please contact us so that we can facilitate your event to satisfy the participants

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