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Indonesia has such beautiful natural resources that it has become one of the main choices as a popular tourist destination for local and foreign tourists.

Indonesian Sport Tourism events are targeted by world adrenaline pumpers, and the trend of sports while traveling is one of the most popular tourism trends at the moment.

Having diverse natural and cultural riches, Indonesia has become an icon of world sports tourism. Sport tourism has a very big role in driving the tourism sector and creative economy in Indonesia.

The main dimension as a destination for organizing sports tourism events that is our focus is sports tourism which uses a variety of terrain as venues such as urban asphalt roads, mountains, rivers, islands consisting of seas and lakes.

PROACTIV as an All-in-One Event Organizer is a trusted and experienced partner with our background as practitioners and enthusiasts of sports and adventure, ready to design and organize various types of Sport Tourism events which aim to increase popularity and provide an economic impact on the local community where the event is held.

How It Works



This is not event planning – it is event pre-planning, and you can work with us in our capacity as event consultants to ensure it happens properly, and thereby ensures a successful event.



We working with you together for:

  • Develop an overall theme to ensure your event is seen as you expected
  • Prepare, issue and compile the proposals for venues, accommodation, food, audio-visual and other suppliers for your successful event
  • Ensure venues are compliant with government accessibility requirements
  • Create a workplan framework with deadlines for individual tasks, to ensure all activities are coordinated and provide progress
  • Develop and monitor a budget and sponsorship plan.



We will work very closely with you, to help determine the needs of the event’s attendees and discuss how the event can be built with this in mind, within budget, within time, within safety

Services We Provided

Sports Event Organizer

Sporting events mean individual or team sports, sporting events involving national or community athletes which are packaged as sports while traveling or sport tourism.

Sports Wear & Merchandise Production

Is a sportswear manufacturer based in South Tangerang, founded in 2021, specializing in custom orders based on the needs of sports category customers.

Adventure Tour

I want you to go on an epic adventure. However, doing this sometimes requires effort to ensure that your adventure is the trip of a lifetime and lives up to your expectations.

Event Documentation

Being a professional photographer and videographer is an art of snapping high-quality images during the variety of important occasion, from personal events like birthday parties, wedding, family gathering to events in public spaces like bicycle race, run, trail run, corporate events, music festivals, etc.

Photography Trip

Photography is an active hobby that can be enjoyed  in connection with such interests and activities as nature and culture study with passion.

Race Timing System

Providing timing for your race is considered a must for serious events, and is part of the reason runners, cyclists or the racers of another sport events will justify your entry fee, so that they can get an official race result time.

Customize Event Program

A custom event as a tailor-made event, is a request taken by you that represent the passion and specific participants.

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